Monday, 20 June 2011

Gerbil Cage Cleaning

Gerbil Cage Cleaning:-Keep some of their old bedding so that you can use them later. This is necessary so that your gerbils are able to re-adapt as they would get the same scent after cleaning.Once you have removed the bedding the cage should be cleaned with warm water and soap. 

The size of a gerbil cages depends on the number of gerbil you want to keep. Make sure that you regularly 
clean the cage so that your pets remain healthy. If ever you think of getting new gerbils make it a point to keep 
each of them in separate enclosures lest they fight among themselves and injure each other

The cage completely using a paper towels or towel and allow the cage to dry out completely.Once dried, add  bedding you have kept aside along with some fresh bedding along with nesting materialwater, food and toys.

Gerbil Care Tips

Gerbil Care Tips :-Clean cage of gerbil after two weeks and if it requires cleaning early then do so. Unclean pets might bring many kinds of diseases so it is better to keep them and their surroundings clean.
Do give them things to play. Give them such toys on which they can climb and gnaw on it so that their teeth do not overgrow and they are not bored.

Always remember whenever you get a pet at home they also require space in fact it is difficult for them to adjust in a cramped up space than your kids. Since these animals are very active they need space to perform all their antics.

Try not to expose your gerbil to excess light. They like a place where they can silently hide and sleep peacefully.
It is important to spend some time with your pet and play with them otherwise they would not be tamed and used to you or the environment.
Get some tissues for them to sleep on. This way they can sleep on something that is comfortable and also you can throw the tissues away if they have dirtied them.

Gerbil Cage Ideas

Gerbil Cage Ideas
There are several options which you can use to decide on how to build a gerbil cage or the kind of cage you would use for your pet. One of the most popular options is the glass aquarium. They are cheap compared to other gerbil cages and are easy to clean. Moreover, you can observe their activities clearly and pleasurably, and most importantly, your pet won't be able to chew the cage as chewing would injure it

The gerbil does not escape or get its tail or foot get caught in spaces between the bars. The most recommended space between bars is ½ inch. 

The second option which you can use is of a wire cage. Wire cages are an excellent option if you want to connect cages ,construct multiple cage units. On downside, there is a possibility that your pet may make area around cage messy. 

Gerbils pets 2011

Gerbils pets 2011:-One thing that can be said about gerbils and which is reason for their popularity as pets, is their willingness to socialize. In their natural environment, gerbils live in underground cavities, connected by tunnels with others and enjoy being part of a large family

African Gerbils (Gerbilliscus) and  Jirds (Meriones), Large Naked-Soled Gerbils (Tatera), Somali pygmy Gerbil (Microdillus) and Small Naked-Soled Gerbils (Taterillus) are a few examples of the types of gerbils found.
Birds of prey or snakes are natural enemies of gerbil. Even if, your pet gerbils haven't lived in desert, hiding ,avoiding it's natural enemies as a part of its daily routine, it has inherited knowledge about them and their methods of attack.